We do cool stuff

ASR Custom Solutions has wide-ranging portfolio of Rails apps, Ruby gems, CLI tools and more. Some of our projects are:

Student Degree Progress

How Close Am I To Graduation?

Student Degree Progress (SDP) answers that important question. A data-pipeline application that integrates data from multiple applications, SDP provides data for web services, reports, alerts and analytics across the University.

Tuition and Fee Management

How Much Does This Class Cost?

The Tuition And Fee Management System (TFMS) is the system-of-record for tuition and fees paid by students. Used across all campuses to make sure students pay the right amount for their classes.

One Stop

How Do I…?

The One Stop website is how students across the entire UMN system get the answer the questions they need answered. ASR Custom Solutions’ expertise led to a site that is useful, accessible and responsive.


Using WorkflowGen, we develop tools for students to transfer colleges, finish their post-graduate work and take the courses they need to graduate.

One Stop Queue

A hybrid application that uses Ember, Rails and web sockets to help students get better help, faster from our One Stop counselors.

Web Services

Where possible we create public JSON endpoints to serve public data. Some examples:

Gems, Tools, Etc

When we solve a common problem we try to share what we’ve learned: either as a Ruby Gem, a stand-alone tool or a blog post.