Liberal Education Courses provides Liberal Education course data for all system campuses.


Endpoint Data All campuses All campuses Single campus Single campus Liberal Education requirement groups for a campus* Liberal Education requirement requirements that fall under a group Liberal Education requirements for a campus Courses that satisfy a campus' lib ed requirements

* Not all campuses use requirement groups.

The useful route is the last one. Data returned for each course looks like

  "id": "002832",
  "type": "courses",
  "links": {
    "self": ""
  "attributes": {
    "subject": "ART",
    "catalog-number": "1152",
    "title": "Drawing and Design",
    "satisfied-requirements": [
        "id": 206,
        "name": "Goal 6 - Humanities: Arts, Literature, Philosophy",
        "abbreviation": "HUMANITIES",
        "group": {}
      "term": {
      "name": "Spring, 2017"
attribute description
id Course Id, same as what's in PeopleSoft
subject The course's subject abbreviation
catalog-number The official catalog number, same as what's in PeopleSoft
title Course title
satisfied-requirements A collection of Lib Ed requirements this course satisfies
requirement: name The full name of the requirement satisfied
requirement: abbreviation The short name of the requirement satisfied
group: name The group the requirement belongs to, if any
term The term for which the course satisfies these requirements

The term is important. A course may satisfy a Liberal Education requirement this term, but not next. Or vice versa. This service only shows data for a single term at a time, and it is not currently possible to see what courses satisfied Lib Ed requirements for other terms.


The code in this repo is deprecated. Do not use.